TV Season & Episode Corrections

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Publicity still of S2.E15 "The Party"

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S5.E12 "That Holiday Spirit"

First appearance of Rock Hudson, where he's auctioning a coveted horse. (4 pics seen during the episode)

These following photos do not come from a scene. I believe they are promo pics. Watching closely, it's only 2 shots. Actors are wearing the exact same outfits in this episode, but Linda and Rock didn't meet during the auction (nor the 3 of them).

In the show the coveted horse is brown, and when Linda is offered the horse, she's alone with her husband, with different outfits, and in their own stables.

I have spotted a different photo of Linda and Rock (from that shoot), clearly behind the scenes, as she's holding a Dynasty script, and crew equipment can be seen.

So promo photos, on location (sorry it was long)