TV Season & Episode Corrections

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diannecan on 9 May 2022, 13:38: Ray Abruzzo only appeared in the last season of the show, season 9.

Last 2 links also from season 9, correct?

michaella92 on 9 May 2022, 16:47: Last 2 links also from season 9, correct?

Yes, they are from the same photoshoots in the first link. Only actresses pose alone. They wear the same outfits, hairstyles, jewelry.

This is not Joan Collins, but a model named Maggie Wickman,

The character of Alexis Carrington was introduced in the last episode of season 1, way before Joan Collins was cast. So they used a stand in.

So this still is from the last episode of the previous season.

S1.E15 "The Testimony" Maggie Wickman

2x corrected. Thank you!

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Sometimes they wear the same clothes twice ^^ This set (1st link) is actually from two different episodes.

First scene with Pamela Bellwood (seen from behind), and the second scene in the following episode with Linda Evans.

First scene, S4.E5 "The Hearing: Part 2". All the photos except the 2 with Linda Evans.

Second scene, S4.E6 "Tender Comrades". The 2 photos with Linda Evans, and the photos below.

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I'm wondering about this set for a week.

Turns out, it's the same scene shot twice. One with a bathrobe, the other bare chest with blue towels. The bathrobe one was cut, the other made it to the final version.

So only the mirror pic is a still from the episode (bare chest seen in the reflection). Does it make the stills of the cut scene, behind the scenes stills?

Going by IMDb numbering of season 1, this is S1.E12 The Birthday Party.

(Ps: I've just uploaded a couple of bare chest stills)