TV Season & Episode Corrections

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Corrected. Thanks!
Thanks! Corrected. 
This photo is from season 8 episode 23.

This photo is from season 6 episode 21.

This photo is from season 1 episode 5.

This photo is from season 4 episode 19.

Moved. Thank you!

All of these are Concept Art, they should be tagged as 'Pre-Production' and not as 'Behind-the-Scenes':

Corrected. Thanks!

This image is from season 4 episode 14.

This image and this image are from season 1 episode 1.

The following are from season 1:









The following are from season 2:



Corrected. Thank you 😁
This image is from season 1.

Vl2q1f & JsW6kI are from season 4 episode 23.

381ca64f is from season 5 episode 22.

83aUIGoZ6zSrUVVzS0 & fzyXf9 are from season 4 episode 1.

232f10a4 is from season 5 episode 17. Please also change this one to a 'publicity still' instead of a 'promo'.

heHDxh is from season 6 episode 9.

Thank you! Corrected. 
vuZCjK is from season 5 episode 8.

5f9a1655 is from season 5 episode 20.

3b023a4a is from season 5 episode 21.

8f994c2f is from season 5 episode 11.

3b2dccb5 is from season 5 episode 2.


I have 8 uploads from the movie 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For' pending of approval.

I guess that the reason for this is that I tagged them as 'Pre-production Image' although them don't look as that-

But I can assure they are pre-production images because they were uploaded to the internet by Francesco Corvino (one of the illustration artists working in the film) and it was he himself who said they were Concept Art:

Thank you.

This image needs a tag. Who is?
Corrected. Thank you!