TV Season & Episode Corrections

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Blundered on an episode here. The following 2 images are Season 1, Episode 2. Please correct: ATX1U1 & YK3hoe.
Corrected - Thanks!
This PHOTO is from Season 7, episode 7.
Corrected - Thank you 😁
This PHOTO is from season 1.

The following are from season 2: 6ec72e395e1b & 6dfe75.

The following are from season 3: cbe6bdaeebcee318e1 & fe372a.

This PHOTO is from season 5.

Please update.

All corrected - Thanks
This PHOTO is from season 1.

This PHOTO is from season 3.

Corrected - Thanks
This PHOTO is from season 3 episode 21.
Added - Thanks
This PHOTO is from season 4.

This PHOTO is from season 7 episode 23.

The following are from season 6: c10c0f67f635b4640969dff15e22716e080b & 80bf15.

This PHOTO is from season 5 episode 13.

Added - Thank you
Thank you but it looks like 6e080b was missed. This is from season 6. Please update.

The following images are from Season 2 Episode 4: eJ0DFz096HHNoDNHRG & TWIPJs.

The following images are from Season 4 Episode 0 (per IMDB): fkUu3SdWXnCZ1RGG3d26mZktdNpVXb,



AqsSPjh2BXlHdBJa8yb2GQNtTcOPBwhfsbTaVpy2YKPGUhYnZVAWycA994WGn4vb9I & Lxu8RP.

Corrected season 2 stills - Not sure how those season 4 episode 0 pics are going to work since in the database, a 0 is the same as no season/episode. Can you place a request to add in a TV movie (since it's a Christmas special)? That's the only thing I can think of that would solve that. 
I can request that, no problem but just to make you aware (and I know you have little to no control over this) we currently have an ever-growing thread of titles that need to be added manually which has been neglected for some time now. So I will start to add the Doctor Specials to the list but we need Martin, or someone else who has the ability, to clean up that thread and keep up with it. I looks like we go back to Nov. 12th without a response.
Thread is here: Difficulty Adding New Titles