TV Series: Game of Thrones (2011- )

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P.S. Thanks to Yaut for all his uploads! 👍

Dany in the desert (and here) have strayed to s02e04, whereas they belong to episode 3 (I have smaller resolution pics from these scenes that show this).

Promo shoots of Finn Jones (and this) to episode 9, Blackwater.

A bloody Jon Snow at Craster's Keep to episode 3. Ser Amory Lorch (Fintan McKeown) goes there as well.

Jonas Slynt, commander of the city guard, has just tortured Gendry's former master Tobho Mott into revealing that he sold Gendry to the Night's watch, which happens in epidose 1. (See very similar image here, featuring Mott's bloody face)
about John
"judging by his outfit" in this image he removed armor from another images. And Kit Harington clearly older first season

Why Charles Dance behind-the-scenes?
Draufwischer, Daenerys wasn't in episode 2x03 !!! If you follow this link, ypu don't see Daenerys in list
cast list, not photos
Hey Yaut, you're right about Daenerys in the desert (gosh 🙃). I just checked with Wikipedia. 😁
But she doesn't belong to s02e04 either.
You can pretty easily distingush the early episodes by her outfit. In the first and fourth episodes -- in front of the walls of Quarth -- she wears her "dragon shoulder armor". The only time we see her without it is "in camp", which happens to be in episode 2 when "Rakharo's horse returns to Daenerys' camp, carrying his head in one of its saddlebags" (Wikipedia page).

About John -- you're probably right. Looks like he removed his night's watch armor.

About Charles Dance -- can't say for sure, but overexposed, out in the open - who ever saw Tywin Lannisher in bright daylight?! 😁 Looks exactly like lots of BTS images I have.

maybe Tywin Lannisher not from episode 1...

You added duplicate:56cfd0 vs dd12a5
Description gives the wrong image dimensions (4096 x 6144 pixels). 3333 x 5000, actually.
New season 4 uploads 😊 - it's easier to give the picture URLs that DON'T belong to Episode 1, imho. 😉

I download this image again - 4096 x 6144 pixels...
How you watched episode 1??? Only Jaime (maybe) from episode 1
sorry for prev message.😕😡
why i can't edit messages?...
cbf7ac vs 4d32d2
bb3133 vs 2bdbcc

New Set with Cersei and Jaime
011a28, dc5d92, 5d148e, be757a, 40f3d0, 69564f, ab42bc, eb82b4
Thanks both for all your help organizing it. I made some other changes so maybe if you try now your links they won't appear correctly (I change some sets to put related ones closer, for example all Jaime in row).

All the suggested changes have been made, duplicates deleted.

Also sorry for all the delay but I've had a very busy week and I couldn't do a lot until today.
Description gives the wrong image dimensions (4096 x 6144 pixels). 3333 x 5000, actually.
I don't know what could be happening there... but I've downloaded it and it's 4096x6144 to me.
Downloaded it again, and now the size fits the description. Whatever the reason was, it seems to have passed.
Thanks Komond.
Severela mistakes in ep 1: 056c68, 8340f4, 34904c - not from episode 1
wrong set: 08407f to Set 9751
6a6d97 and e457f3 to Set 9751
beed29a6 vs b3632a85 - this images not from Set 5288 (You can see it by different clothes Jon). And this images from episode 3x02. I added new image from this episode (81bdb8).
Thanks Yaut, all changes made 😉