TV Series: Game of Thrones (2011- )

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I think, this image is a part of this
new Set with promo pictures: b9d7e12a, 6de3df1a, e567e912, 1431bb, 97bcee, efaf06
This is one set: Set 9573+Set 9574
All changed, thanks for all the tips 😉 I just doubt about this one:

This is one set: Set 9573+Set 9574
I also thought first it was the same set, but divide it because I realized Conleth Hill's robe has different colours, one is red and the other one is golden and just some details in red. Maybe is just a costume change and one of them is a behind-the-scenes for the same sequence...
Huh, you right!
I watched this episode - Conleth Hill's robe was golden
And this images (222e43b9 & 13f9d8) can't be from different sets)))
I'm a little confused you with Daenerys. Two very similar scenes:
episode 7(with Xaro Xhoan Daxos): fbb36a, 7541af55, 25797b9d, 0e8019
episode 8(with Jorah Mormont): 9ce441, ae8fb391, 003c4df1, 57a223df, f9b86f
2 different Sets!
Thanks, all organized now 😉

And yeah, you're right, the robe difference is not different scenes just probably a different unused version of the same scene, and being just one picture with the different robe I will merge them instead of trying to know which version they belong lol If we get more "red robe" pictures I could make a set for them as "Alternative Conleth Hill's robe scene" just for those.
still, not promo
Thanks, all changes made 😉
Description gives the wrong image dimensions (4096 x 6144 pixels). 3333 x 5000, actually.
New season 4 uploads 😊 - it's easier to give the picture URLs that DON'T belong to Episode 1, imho. 😉

And the 2 pics of Littlefinger don't belong to episode 1 either.

Jon here has nothing to do with season 4. I'd guess this may even be a "puberty shot" from s01, judging by his outfit.

I'd put the raven promo into some other photoshoot.

Charles Dance here is a BTS photo.