TV Series: Game of Thrones (2011- )

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Thanks, moved 😉
Nice batch of new uploads, Yaut! 😉 and to Season 3, Episode 6. and to Episode 5.
Anguy with a torch goes to episode 7.

Catelyn-"Show Them How it Feels to Lose What They Love" to episode 9.

Lord Tywin in his medium-threatening outfit -- here and here -- most likely belongs to the family council in epsiode 5.

I can't place the red-cloaked Littlefinger in season 3 at all - could the set be the Eyrie in the upcoming season 4? Look at the winding stair and the blue-painted walls... 😎
Sorry for the coding errors, but I have no way of correcting them. 😔
Don't worry, the coding failure seems to be related to putting italics inside the url text, it seems to don't allow that. I fixed it 😉

I moved them all the pictures to the places you said. Thanks for all. And about the Littlefinger I'm not sure but it seems to be what you said, I've found that picture as promoting 4th season, so I will change the season until we know also the episode.
wow, 2 images of Littlefinger from 4 season?? i didn't know))
Apparently. And you uploaded them. 😁 I haven't seen them used as season 4 promos, but I guess I'm a GOT geek by now.

Keep looking for new stuff, guys!
Thanks, moved to the correct set 😉
2e093f also to Set 4575
Thanks, also moved 😉
Thanks Yaut, moved to episode 3x05
I think this room in the Pyke from episode 2. Aтв with few images to one set: 17ae73, 96b63b, eecc9046, 7ff2dac7

Sansa to Shoot 4

new Set with Daenerys: fbb36a, 9ce441, ae8fb391, 003c4df1, 4d69e65d, c4973f9c, 7541af55, 57a223df
Thanks, all reorganized. I agree the room seems much more like episode 2, maybe it also appears in 3 but certainly it looks better in 2 with those other pictures on set.
Daenerys wasn't in episode 2x03
2x02: d82fcd01, 10dc6002
2x04: 257c36, 975e052c
2x07: c4973f9c, 7541af55, fbb36a and 25797b9d (new Set)

3e4469ae to Set 5679
I think this promo image can't be attached to specific episode.

dublicates: d68c73 vs cd14feca
106dbb vs 1295e0db

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