TV Series: Game of Thrones (2011- )

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All done and chapter 5 almost all set chronollogically. About this:

Yaut: to Set 5396
It's correct as it is. That picture belongs to the very first set, he is in the ground while Osha and the other one argue about a rabbit. The set you say belongs to a later scene where the group is on road, so he is on the cart.
Varys's offer to Shae
(lord Varys)
maybe Rob need to move to Set 6244?
Thanks for those 😉

I didn't notice the captivity/wedding one, it was a missing picture when moving between groups, didn't remember to move it later.

About the Catelyn Stark set, I also add another other one that seems to belong to the same sequence (the burial in the river).

The name correction, I don't know why I changed that name, I knew it was Varys and still wrote Varyn lol

About the other group for Rob yeah, I don't know why I thought in the set he had the shirt closed and not open like in that one, now I look closer and he has also the shirt open (just it's not so obvious), so sure it also belong to that set 😉
😊 Maybe add in title of this Set Wedding of Tyrion & Sansa Part I Ceremony ?
Yeah sure, better that way with the Ceremony part. Thanks 😉
This to Episode 1 (Tyrell/Lannisters family dinner) 😁
This to Episode 7 (Bronn and Tyrion discuss the wedding)

Don't know where this belongs, either - according to the Game of Thrones wiki, "Pyp remains at Castle Black while his friends are Beyond the Wall on Lord Commander Jeor Mormont's great ranging"[/b]... so I'm guessing this thing belongs to Season 2. The actors look half a year younger, too. 😉

I'll remove everything but GOT from my "photostream", the other sh*t that gets uploaded makes it hard to stay on top of the most recent GOT developments. So I just oploaded some of Yaut's recent ups AGAIN, because I wasn't able to spot them early.
Yeah, I already changed those pictures, thanks a lot for it. About the one you aren't sure I'm not sure either, but mostly I found it on the internet in season 3 (I think I even found somewhere as episode 10, but I watch it all searching for that and I wasn't able to find anything close) so well, if we aren't sure about season 2 either...
Re: Sam & Pyp picture (this one) that we weren't sure about: if it's season 3, it can only be from episode 10, when Sam is back at Castle Black. 😉

This whole set should be in Photoshoot 1 of season 3, where all the wallpapers with the same motifs are.
I guess it must be 10, but actually I check the episode and can't find exactly the moment, maybe a deleted scene?. I'll put it as 10, that's always the place the picture seems to lead.

About the set yeah, probably it's better there. I organized them using Photoshoot 1 for wallpapers and 2 for promos, but I guess it's more intuitive your way.

Thanks for your help 😉
Because I rewatched all episodes recently, and this is a still from the scene where Ser Davos reads the warning message from Castle Black.