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Nope, quality first. If the extra space is not fake we won't try to save space, always comparatives side by side. Sometimes even we may delete a picture that has more MB and more pixels and put one with less MB and pixels because it actually shows more detail. Usually happens to memorabilia pictures that come from (not a great) scanning.
This showcase shot of Cersei's necklace should be in the Behind-the-scenes category (as it was when I uploaded the first version πŸ˜‰ ), so it can be grouped with all the other designs/swords/armor for season 1.

All the pics of Ned Stark's beheading in Episode 9 with blue tints and awkward angles are Behind-the-scenes photos IMO, as opposed to carefully controlled publicity shots. (This, this, this, and that.) There are borderline cases like this and this.
Sorting out the Dany pictures from season 3:
This, and this to Episode 3: Walk of Punishment. (in ep 4 she always wears her cloak).

This most likely belongs to Episode 1 (scenes out on the docks).
Yeah, about Cersei's necklace I thought as it clearly belong to that episode it would be better there (though I didn't remember to put it as "behind-the-scenes").

About the blue tints though I understand your point, there's no crew or anything that could be considered "showing the trick". Specially these shots:

Apart from the colour, what's the difference between the first two and the third one?
About Dany yes, in 4 and 5 she wears a cloak and wears no necklace at all, so it's probably 3. It also seem right the other one belonging to episode 1.

Thanks for the corrections πŸ˜‰
Apart from the colour, what's the difference between the first two and the third one?
As I said, I'd draw the line at color and careful composition of the shot. Pic 3 has natural looking color and the subject is in the center, clearly separating foreground and background. The other two are documentary style, possibly cropped & using the wrong kind of film.
Messed up the message again. πŸ˜”

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That is probably a bug, will look into it tomorrow
I don't know... as far as I can see that's just another picture made by the still photographer Helen Sloan (based on the Exif that has the Hound's picture, using a Nikon D3 that is the camera used by her, so it doesn't look like some secondary photographer was there in the scene at the same time doing a different kind of pictures). The picture is made in the middle of the action with no crew on sight and actors not looking at the camera, not doing focus in some detail like a costume/weapon/jewellery...
Maybe it's not one of her best pictures, looks less artistic and more documentary like, or she didn't choose the best parameters to make the photograph, but I really can't see any substantial thing that makes me thing it's not an still photograph but a behind-the-scenes.
Thanks, but we only tag recognizable people, that excludes usually pictures when you can only see their backs and pictures where they're out of focus and blurry in the background, though I know sometimes we know them for context, but they can also be body doubles. Usually when people search for pictures from actors they're not expecting to find those two kinds. It's not usual also to find actors named in pictures like that in promotional material.
Thanks for those, I wasn't sure at the moment. By the way, though behind-the-scenes, I think also these two belong to that set, so I'll add them:
very maybe )
thanks for fixed 😊
Thanks, all corrected πŸ˜‰