TV Series: Game of Thrones (2011- )

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You're right, thanks for the correction 😉
Thanks, corrected. I think the correct one was the 3x01, but please correct me if I'm wrong 😉
3x01 of course)
Thanks too, corrected 😉
Thanks a lot Yaut, I miscopy/paste the set code when organizing them. Good eye 😉
Thanks, both put in the same episode, I think they're both 3x01. Thanks for the comment 😉
Thanks, both fixed 😉
Thanks, all three fixed 😉
Thanks, though about the last ones I remember when addind them we were not sure exaclty if it belonged to any chapter, considering specially the background that didn't fit the one in the series,. I guess they may have some relation to the episode you say but maybe as "behind-the-scenes" or "promo", the clothes and horses actually fit those in the episode but the houses in the background don't fit. I'll put them there then, as behind-the-scenes, as they clearly reveal the "fake" scenario.

Again, thanks 😉
Thanks, both fixed 😉