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The Romeo and Juliet seems to be already fixed, maybe even it was me and I forgot to answer (I barely remember the commentary of "Coffee anyone" lol).

About the Supernatural twins, all Diannecan and Yaut fixed 😉 I have to clean Supernatural deeply, I've already found dozens of duplicates and still a lot appear, it seems to be a bit messy, 2000 pictures... wow.
Thanks, both fixed.
Many twins here, including the red/pink dress photoshoot, the black sweater and the scooter photoshoot (mirror image)

Right, many many twins there. I've deleted them all (I think I didn't let any) and organized a bit Tiffany's gallery that was too chaotic.

About the scooter photoshoot though one is mirrored, it doesn't seem to be a twin of any of the other pictures, I guess you meant these two:

They're too close for most of the actors, but Tiffany and Elizabeth have a different posture.
I wasn't 100% sure about the scooter shoots as I didn't rotated them to check side by side. Thanks for fixing Tiff's twins 😁
Thanks, deleted 😊
Thank you both diannecan and Draufwischer, both duplicates deleted 😉
The Chronicles of Riddick
better, newer image | older image
The Chronicles of Riddick
1. newer version | older version
2. larger version | smaller version
Thanks Draufwischer, all corrected 😉
Missed that one, sorry.
Thanks 😉