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Yaut: That sounds like a twisted guide on how to make credits for cheap: download an official photo from somewhere else which is already present in MovieStillsDB gallery, change contrast and upload it, although it brings no benefit for users who want to download it (it is actually counterproductive for users, because they have to make comparisons to find out which quality is best). Where did the "best version stays online" go?

Got rid of the duplicates for Riverdale.  
Corrected. Thank you!

Don't see any duplicates from your last 2 posts, DenverDinosaur... Are the links correct? 

Hi! :)

Yes, those links are the duplicates. If you go to Season 2 publicity stills, you can see them :)

Last 3 posts corrected. 
Corrected. TY!

Wasn't sure where to put this, but there are two links in the search bar for the TV series Katy Keene, which debuts February 6. Could they be merged and the real year, 2020, be added? Thanks!

I merged the Katy Keene profiles. I can't change the date but at least they are now merged. Thank you for bringing that to our attention!

Cool! You're welcome :)

I tried visiting it now, but got a 404 error. Just wanted to mention it, not sure if it's a bug :)