crossover episode

This thread has 3 posts and 65 views. & both these pictures are from Mighty Med and Lab Rats, it was a crossover episode (2x18 for Mighty Med, 4x11 for Lab Rats). i dont know if its possible for a picture to be on both shows, but if it is, i hope you can add Lab Rats ( to both these pictures.

if not, then please keep them on Mighty Med since these two pictures are from their set.

I have done it in the past for lobby cards that have 2 different titles and that's not a problem.....I can also do it for tv series, but the problem is in this case, it's 2 different seasons and episodes. They either have to both be 2x18 or 4x11 or season 0 episode 0.

What would you like me to do? :)

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