Add/Merge Cast/Crew Profiles

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Corrected. Thanks!

Created. Thank you!

Created. TY!

Created. Thanks!

Done. Thank you for reporting

I already created those sets while I was moderating a few minutes ago.


BeatCity on 8 Jan 2023, 12:36: Mike Lane

Do you have his profile link on here?

There’s another Mike Lane who has been tagged in his photos in Ghosts. Wasn’t sure how to do that :)

I've updated the photo and saw the problem with Mike Lane. I've also updated all the photos that linked to the wrong Mike Lane.


There's another Evanna Lynch who has been tagged in her photos in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Correct the problem with another Zendaya who has been tagged in her photos in Euphoria.

2x corrected. Thanks!