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Nominated for 4 Oscars in 1989 and directed by Monty Python's Terry Gilliam (The Fisher King), The Adventures of Baron Munchausen stars John Neville, Eric Idle and Uma Thurman. Neville is the eccentric Munchausen, an aristocrat who relies on the power of his imagination - and a crackpot band of henchmen - to defend their city from plunder. Idle plays the loyal Berthold, the world's fastest man who runs all the way to Spain and back in under an hour to save the Baron's neck, and who hilariously outruns a speeding bullet! When Munchausen's not collaborating with his screwball associates, he can be found walking on air - literally - with the lusciously beautiful Venus (Thurman). Filmed by Oscar nominee cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno, with stunning special effects!

Starring: Charles McKeown, Eric Idle, John Neville, Jonathan Pryce, Oliver Reed, Robin Williams
Alternative titles: Abenteuer des Baron von Münchhausen, Die
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